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Uniting Eastern & Western Veterinary Medicine

Large Animal Equine Veterinary Services

East West Veterinary Care is a full-service, mobile equine practice based in Canton, Georgia. We take an integrated, holistic approach to treating horses by utilizing both Eastern and Western medical therapies. Our goal is to keep your horse healthy, happy and performing at its best through affordable, high-quality veterinary services.
Mare and her foal, 14 years old and 20 days old, standing in front of white background

Equine Vet Services Uniting Eastern and Western Veterinary Medicine

Our equine vet practice blends traditional Western medical therapies, including a host of medical exams, dental exams and teeth floating, vaccinations and diagnostic tools with Eastern therapies, such as chiropracticacupuncture, and herbal treatments. Both Eastern and Western medicine deliver the finest care and well-being for your horse.

Mare and her foal, 14 years old and 20 days old, standing in front of white background

Routine Small Animal Veterinary Services During Farm Calls

If you own a horse, chances are you own a dog or cat, or several… East West Veterinary Care provides routine small animal vet services, such as vaccinations and checkups for dogs and cats, during regular farm calls. We eliminate the time and hassle of having to transport your pets, especially those that are too old or too large.

Please note: Currently, East West Veterinary Care only provides routine small animal pet care to equine clients in conjunction with a horse farm call. As our practice grows, we are hoping to offer more services specifically for small animals.

Amanda Cerniglia, DVM Certified in Animal Chiropractic

East West Veterinary Care is a family-owned and operated large animal veterinary practice founded in 2017. Dr. Cerniglia is a 2007 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and has since been providing equine veterinary services to Canton, GA and surrounding areas. She is certified and licensed to perform equine chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association since 2012.

Natalie Richardson, DVM

Dr. Natalie Richardson grew up in Cumming Georgia. Always wanting horses to be at the forefront of her life, she received a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and went on to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree. Dr. Richardson’s professional interests include rescue rehabilitation, internal medicine, and sports medicine. Dr. Richardson is an avid lover of the long eared equine and enjoys donkey behavior and training. In her spare time Dr. Richardson enjoys riding the trails of North GA with her horses and hiking with her two dogs.

Tiffany Hufford Smith, Veterinary Technician/Office Manager

Tiffany started her veterinary technician career over a decade ago in Woodstock, GA as a small animal veterinary technician. However, her love of horses began much prior to her career as a veterinary technician. A lifelong animal advocate and equestrian, she started volunteering at a horse rescue over two decades ago, doing her best to save horses even before she could drive. She now has her own farm with rescued horses, dogs and cats, and continues to follow her passion of helping animals at East West Veterinary Care!

Nick Cerniglia, Practice Manager

Nick Cerniglia is a life-long resident of Georgia. Born in Roswell, he attended the University of Georgia and received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture as well as a Master’s in Public Health.

He met Dr. Amanda Cerniglia while they were both undergraduates at UGA, and they got married the week after his Master’s graduation. Amanda and their two children, Thomas and Sophia, are everything he wants from life and more. He loves camping, caving, computers, music, and has hiked the Appalachian Trail. Go Dawgs!

Emergency Line! (770) 929-6601

You can call our emergency line at any time day or night – including during the day if it’s an emergency and we will be notified immediately.


Most frequent questions and answers

We named the practice East West Veterinary Care because we look at the horse holistically. By integrating both Eastern and Western medicine into our horse vet practice, we consider several factors and can offer different treatment options. Both medical philosophies work together to help the horse be their best.

Western medicine is most common in the United States and is probably what you are most familiar with for both humans and animals. In addition to treating disease with pharmaceuticals and surgery, Western medicine can and does incorporate a vast number of preventative measures such as vaccinations, early diagnostic tests, and comprehensive medical examinations.

Eastern medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole patient – the body, spirit and emotions utilizing acupuncture, chiropractic, herbal, and even food therapy.

A holistic practitioner uses all forms of healthcare to ensure the optimal health and wellness of the patient, from general methods and medications to complementary therapies. East West Veterinary Care integrates both advanced, scientific Western medicine with proven, Eastern approaches to produce the best patient outcomes.

Uniting Eastern and Western medicine gives us treatment options that we would not have otherwise. For example, if there is a lameness problem, we can look at the patient biomechanically and treat it utilizing chiropractic from Eastern medicine. From an energetic standpoint, we can apply another Eastern medicine, acupuncture, making sure the body is able to do what it is supposed to. And if it’s a disease causing lameness, treat it using the approaches of Western medicine. The bottom line is that our horse vet practice can use all three modalities to treat the horse, not just one.

Our practice offers small animal medical services on regular farm visits in conjunction with an equine call. Services for small animals include basic exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing and treatment, and peaceful at-home euthanasia for dogs and cats for our equine customers. We are not able to offer small animal home calls unless you are a current equine customer.

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