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Equine Vaccinations and General Health

Keep Your Horse Healthy and Happy

East West Veterinary Care provides equine vaccinations, general health care and preventive medicine to keep your horse healthy and happy their entire life. Whether your horse is a pet or competitive athlete, having a reliable veterinary partner who understands your horse and medical history can be extremely beneficial in identifying and treating issues should they occur.

Equine medical services include:

  • Annual physical exam to determine the overall function of the horse’s body systems and set baseline readings
  • Core AAEP vaccinations such as Rabies, Encephalitis/Tetanus and West Nile
  • Yearly Coggins test to check for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
  • Fecal egg count for controlling parasites and determining optimal deworming treatments for each horse
  • Much more
While we are vaccinating your horses, we can also vaccinate your dogs and cats. This service is only available to our equine customers.


Dog and cats vaccinations for our equine customers

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