Diagnostic Imaging - X-rays

Diagnostic Imaging

Equine Digital Radiography (X-Rays) Saves Time and Improves Accuracy

Our fully-equipped, mobile clinic has the latest diagnostic imaging equipment available. The portable digital x-ray unit is a powerful tool that allows our veterinarians to take high-resolution radiographs at your farm to make accurate and timely diagnosis. Digital radiographs show cracks, fractures or other issues in bony structures such as the leg, foot or joints.

Images Stored Digitally

We take several images at different angles to get the best view of the area of interest, and review them immediately on the laptop connected to the portable digital x-ray machine. Adjusting the contrast and exposure allows us to see details and diagnose problems that previously would have been difficult to identity. This saves clients time and money and allows us to get started faster with a treatment program.

Images that are fuzzy or blurry (the horse moved) are retaken in an instant. Images can be emailed to you to view and save, or forward to other clinicians.

Digital radiographs are stored in the patient’s universal record providing easy retrieval for review. Radiographs taken on subsequent visits can be compared for treatment progress.


East West Veterinary doctors review x-rays with clients

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