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Equine Lameness Evaluation

Comprehensive Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols

Equine lameness appears as a change in the horse’s gait. Many things can cause lameness. Two of the most common causes are 1) response to pain in the musculoskeletal system (in a limb or body), and 2) mechanical restriction of movement.

Identify the Root Cause of Lameness

East West Veterinary Care provides equine lameness evaluations to identify the location of pain, diagnose the injury or weakness causing lameness and develop a medical care and/or physical therapy plan to treat it We are knowledgeable, experienced and well equipped to rigorously evaluate the situation. Knowing where the pain is occurring, and what is causing it, are two important components needed to develop a restorative health program.

What We Do in an Equine Lameness Evaluation

Here’s a short summary of the many modalities and techniques we may utilize during the course of a lameness evaluation:
  1. Discuss the horse’s medical health/performance history
  2. Visually inspect and palpate the horse to search for soreness, swelling or muscle atrophy
  3. Test for sensitivity using instruments
  4. Observe the horse’s movement on different surfaces at different speeds
  5. Mark variations on a lameness scale from grade 0 to 5
  6. Use local anesthesia such as nerve and joint blocks to isolate the location of pain
  7. Take radiographs (x-rays) and/or perform an ultrasound to evaluate the boney structure or soft tissue to make a diagnosis
  8. Prepare a comprehensive medical care and/or physical therapy plan for the horse and owner

Top Quality Equine Care

Our experienced eye and professional approach to diagnosing complex lameness issues may help your horse return to normal sooner. Look to East West Veterinary Care as your mobile equine veterinarian in Canton, Georgia providing the best care for all your horse’s needs.

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